Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ho'oponopono: an ancient Hawaiian practice in energy cleansing

STORY: Have you heard of Dr. Hew Len?

He’s a former psychologist whose job was at an isolated ward at the Hawaii State Hospital - a clinic for the criminally disturbed.

It was so horrific that previous psychologists left in less than a month and no progress was made in the lives of the criminals.

Dr. Len was unique in his approach. He rarely left his office. He also did not meet any of the prisoners. He instead gathered the files of the criminals and used the ancient Hawaiian healing practice called Ho’oponopono.

As Dr. Len explains it, he was healing the part within himself that created such illnesses. He goes on further to say that it’s pointless trying to heal others. All he can do is take responsibility and heal himself…heal his perceptions. The world, in fact, is a projection of his mind.

Slowly the nurses started noticing changes such as the prisoners requiring less handcuffing and less drugs. Some took care of the gardens and others repaired the tennis courts. The environment DRASTICALLY changed. One by one, the prisoners were eventually released.

This clinic in Hawaii, for the mentally distressed, was closed down FOREVER after 4 years!

WOW! I was fascinated by this story and desired to learn more. A Ho’oponopono practitioner certification course was being offered by Dr. Hew Len himself. I had a deep desire to be in his presence even though the course was online.

I didn’t take this course to obtain a certification in Ho’oponopono. I have used the practice before and wanted to understand the depths of this ancient healing.

My soul is always pulled to ancient healing practices in all traditions. There is a simplicity to ancient healing practices that works for me in our highly advanced world.

I always seek to bridge ancient healing practices and teachings to work for our current world.

Ancient healing practices are simple and profound which is the perfect combination for consistency in healing, growth and evolution.

These simple practices can be taken with you anywhere you go; be done at any time that works within your daily schedule; and be used for any part of your life.

What I learned from the Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification course by Dr. Hew Len:

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice in energy cleansing. It’s used to clean and free your mind.

·         Why is it important to cleanse?

To receive inspiration from the Divine.

You were born perfect. Along the way, you gathered information and data from your past experiences which are your memories. This is NOT who you are.

You are whole. You are love. Everything perfect within you is already there. You simply have to access it.

·         How?

You access your absolute truth through inspiration which comes from the Divine.

·         The journey of life consists of two laws:

(1) Law of Memory and (2) Law of Inspiration.

You either act from memory or inspiration.

You cannot serve two masters.

Each day you are either experiencing being in rhythm or being out of rhythm.

The Practice of Ho’oponopono:

To experience steady rhythm and the law of inspiration, repeat the following statements over and over until it feels complete to you.

Statement                 Meaning (from you to your Source)

I Love You                   I instantly connect to YOU (Source) which brings me ‘home’

I’m Sorry                     I forgot YOU are here for me to see what’s going on in me that is not me

Please Forgive Me      I forgot YOU are here to help me for transmutation and transformation

Thank You                  Thank YOU, Source, for loving me unconditionally


Meet Source, Peace, and Love using all the resources already available within you.

BE as Source created You!

Return to LOVE and ONENESS!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Message from the Sunflower

Sunflower Rising

If you know me you know I LOVE sunflowers! It's my favorite summer flower!

I'm a summer baby so everything the season brings I am deeply connected to, specifically The Sun!

If you have read or know about my children's book, Hello Sun Moon and Stars, then you see how deeply I resonate to the sun. I am The Sun which is one of the characters in the book. This book was inspired by my life journey. It was birthed from deep reflection of gratitude to the Universe for creating life's ups and downs for me to have two very important people in my life who would anchor my growth into realizing and remembering who I am...what is my mission here on earth. 

These two gifts from the Universe are my daughter, The Moon, and my husband, The Star.


The symbolism of a sunflower is faith, devotion, trust and loyalty to something MUCH bigger and brighter than themselves. The sunflower is directly aligned to receive the sun's nourishment. It is also associated then with spiritual knowledge...growing as you seek the light to anchor in wisdom and truth.

Why am I writing about sunflowers now? What inspired me?

I am part of this beautiful author group on Facebook and an illustrator had a wonderful idea! The idea was to pair her illustrations - which is a very unique and amazing style may I add - with a short poem or piece of writing by an author. She wanted to create and collaborate with authors for her blog. I believe in rising together and this idea made my heart dance! Why? Because I immediately saw her sunflower emoji and that was it! She lives in Europe and I in the USA but our connection came forth through the sunflower!

I am grateful for her idea which then connected us which then inspired me to reflect and write this blog. Thank you, Chloe!

I want to share her link here: Chloe Lights

And this is her beautiful sunflower art paired with my simple A Message from the Sunflower writing piece. 

Sunflower Illustration by Chloe Lights

We RISE together!
Thank you for reading!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2020 Declaration and Intention

Happy New Year!
Thank you for reading what is my first official blog post in the new decade. The act of writing has opened many creative projects – from being someone who LOVES to journal to becoming a published author for the first time in 2016.
To continue with the creative life force energy to help serve myself, my family, the communities and the world, I am making a declaration and intention to blog. There! I said it out loud to the Universe!
This declaration to the Universe and deep intention of my heart is my anchor to show up, step up and share my heart and soul with you.
My 2020 Word of the Year chose me perfectly: 

LEAP???? My 2019 Word of the Year was BLOOM and I have to confidently say, the Universe conspired to ensure that I did indeed bloom by the end of the year. How I enter a new year – a new time of celebration – a new beginning – is super important to me.
I have a New Year’s Eve ritual in my home where I clean the house, all laundry is done and organized, bedsheets are clean, and all bills are paid!
Once I have all the things in the house done, then I sit in meditation for quiet time to listen to my heart’s deepest dreams; for a chance to commune with Spirit. In my meditation, the word LEAP came forth.
LEAP symbolizing:
Level Up

All I feel when I read the above is that I am being asked to step WAY out of my comfort zone this year. The world I am entering as an author, speaker, heart activator and teacher is mostly unknown territory. I first started on this mysterious path 12 years ago. I have been learning along the way. The teachings have taken me through unknown territory into a world which feels deeply known to me. I feel the energy of LEAP is asking me to step into ME 2.0…LEAP is asking me to have a bigger vision for who I am and why I am here.
As I am writing this I am feeling both apprehensive to what this exactly means for me…what this can actually look like for my life…AND tremendous excitement that I want to JUMP (or LEAP) up for joy…waiting for the opportunities to magically unfold and welcoming the people who will enter this new space with whom I will be exploring, discovering and playing with to change the world.
After LEAP chose me in meditation, I grabbed my journal and wrote and wrote and wrote!
As a result, from my New Year’s Eve ritual, I woke up to the new year with CLARITY, FOCUS, ORGANIZATION, CLEANLINESS AND ABUNDANCE!
I had to express it all – my meditation and journaling practice - creatively. The below is what poured out of me.

What do you think? THIS makes my head spin! I can’t believe I am going to declare this…I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED AND READY!
What does the year possibly look like for you? Have you had the chance to tune into your heart’s wishes?
Happy 2020 to you! Isn’t it interesting that this year is also a LEAP year??