Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Women Who Influence...the Journey continues...WHY?

Why the book Women Who Influence?

Because this series is a movement!  Notice the initials of the titles?  W.W.I.?  This is by NO means a ‘war’ of power or control…this is a ‘war’ or movement for the rise of the divine feminine.

As most of you know by now – I see everything as the work of the goddesses.  This is no different.

This book, Women Who Influence, is the third in the series.  The first book in the series is called Women Who Ignite.  The second book in the series is called Women Who Inspire. 

This is how I see Goddess energy unfolding in this series:

Goddess Durga                  Goddess Lakshmi           Goddess Saraswati

Women Who Ignite – Goddess Durga

The women authors in this book IGNITE the burning fire of passion ALL women possess.  I see this fire energy in the solar plexus chakra – in the abdomen area – our center of power where we are able to access our fiery but graceful warrior self.

Women Who Inspire – Goddess Lakshmi

Moving this fire energy up to our heart center – our center of love where we are able to access self-love, love for others, hope and forgiveness.
The women authors in this book INSPIRE all women reading their stories by giving them hope, by allowing them to pursue their passion, by giving permission to pursue the dream.  This requires a lot of love for ourselves.  We need to take the time to nurture our passion.  We need to feed our dream.  We need to love ourselves deeply not to self-criticize or self-judge. 
Women Who Influence – Goddess Saraswati
When our passion is lit and we nurture our dream then what is left for us is to take inspired action. And this is where Women Who Influence – my heart – steps in. 
The energy from our heart chakra now moves into our throat chakra.  The throat is our center of creativity and expression…it’s how we desire to show up in the world.  
In this book we, the authors, show (or INFLUENCE) you – that your dream is possible.  How any challenge you might be facing is temporary if you choose it to be so.  All 30 of us women share how our challenges turned into growth which then led to opportunity. 
I believe in womanhood – in sisterhood – in the rise of the divine feminine – in goddess energy – whatever you want to call it – a community or better yet, a world where women rise together because of the love, encouragement and support we, as women, naturally possess within.  It's what we do!  

This book presented a beautiful opportunity to extend my sisterhood with 29 other beautiful women around the globe.

All of my beautiful co-authors and I BELIEVE in YOU! 
Your passion matters...your dream matters…it’s all POSSIBLE!   

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Women Who Influence - the Journey Continues...the Chapter Title

Welcome Back to the Journey, Everyone!  

As I mentioned in my previous blog,, it is clear that my life path includes writing as a creative outlet for me to express my feelings and insights I desire to share with the world. 

On June 23, 2017, when I made the commitment to be part of the book, I had no idea what I was going to write about.  What did I desire to share with women across the globe? 

I had to trust that Spirit will show and guide me as I whole-heartedly trusted in the guidance to take the leap of faith and commit to the project.

On the Carousel in Central Park, NYC
I decided to surrender and to allow the summer season to inspire me.  My summer was filled with beautiful heart and soul activities and adventures with people who mean the world to me.  I traveled with my family to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Outer Banks.  My family visited the Long Island Wine Country and we went apple picking.  I stayed in the Big Apple the entire week of my birthday where I was inspired by Broadway, 5th Avenue and Central Park.  I traveled to Sedona, AZ, with my soul sister.  I visited my husband’s family in Michigan.  Upon arrival from Michigan, The Great American Solar Eclipse was underway.  I love summer tennis and baseball.  I had the opportunity to go to the US Open in NY to watch the All-American Women’s Semi-Finals.  This too was the summer of Wonder Woman, the movie. 
My Planet Mercury Gong

My summer also consisted of expanded opportunities as to how I needed to show up in the world as Swan Goddess.  I was presented with the opportunity to custom design malas for a specific business product.  I partnered with another one of my soul sisters to create Sacred Moon Fertility – a holistic approach to creation.   I had the opportunity to participate in a weekend Gong training in NY.  Immediately following my gong training, I was asked to serve Corporate America with sound meditations.  And finally, I signed up for American Sign Language classes which were to be held in September.  I was being pulled by my heart and soul to learn the language…why?  Time will tell…

Whoa!!!!!!  What a summer!  The experiences…the moments…the memories…filled and expanded my heart with each moment the summer days were passing by.  The energy of being in a moment in time where you had the opportunity to experience events that haven’t happened at all or in a very long time like The Great American Solar Eclipse and the All-American Women’s Semi-Finals was amazing and inspiring.  I couldn’t deny these types of moments happening in our country during this precise time where I am feeling the deep urge to write.  Statements such as ‘ it’s not possible,’ ‘it’s so unlikely,’ or ‘me?  really?’ were fading away.

During this time, I also found myself to be reading a LOT of books!  I love to read but I typically don’t get the time to just sit and read.  I have a pile of books waiting to be read.  However, this past summer I went from one book to the next…to the next…to the next.  I was reading the book, Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton when I got the first inkling into my chapter writing/topic.  The book is about realizing and recognizing your own divine feminine essence and power through working with the different Vedic goddesses.  The author addresses a number of Vedic goddesses - who they are, what part of us do they represent, exercises you can use to connect and work with them if you so desire. 

I already work with goddess energy…it’s become a way of life to some degree.  Most of you know I love to celebrate Navratri, the 9 Divine Nights of the Goddess.  Navratri honors Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati.  As I was reading the words in the book and working through some of the exercises, I was beginning to see how these three specific goddesses worked through me in my life experiences up until this point.  Ever since I was a teenager I would say…’everything happens for a reason.’ I am a firm believer in this statement.  So, when I was reflecting on my journey and how that translated into blessings, I was reminded of my deep belief that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ At that moment a light bulb went off and I immediately saw the beautiful energies of Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati at work throughout my life experiences, challenges and decisions with turned into blessings.  I didn’t see this at the time though. 
Goddess Durga - Goddess Lakshmi - Goddess Saraswati
Navratri, last year, was celebrated from September 21, 2017 to September 29, 2017.  It was at this time of the New Moon once again that I was shown my next steps.  I once again took a deep breathe and knew in my core Divine Intelligence was taking over.  I sometimes still have a hard time wrapping my head around this however it’s all in the experience.  I can’t make this up even if I tried. 

Days after Navratri ended, on October 2nd, I was inspired to sit down on the laptop and begin writing my first draft.  Now…October 2nd is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  You all know where this is going, right?...

All time and space were suspended as I was typing…the words on the page were pouring out of my head…into my heart…down into my fingers typing on the keyboard.  By the time I felt complete it was about 2 hours.  My chapter spoke of Gandhi’s famous message…”be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

An excerpt from my chapter:

What I am offering in this chapter is how the three goddesses worked through me to get me where I am today. Whether you work with goddess energy or not, it doesn’t matter. The invitation is to reflect on your own journey and surrender to the possibility that the universe is working through you for a higher purpose. The universe is here to support you and encourage you to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”
My chapter title……..Be the Change

When your husband has read your chapter and is moved to buy you this book to deepen your passion, inspiration and influence. 

So…why this book project?  Why Women Who Influence?  What does this book represent to me?  How will this book impact women everywhere?

 I’ll write about this next week.

Walking this journey with you is a blessing. 
Thank you for your continued love, encouragement and support. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Women Who Influence - Once Upon A Time...the Journey Began...

As promised…I would like to share my journey with this wonderful book collaborate project I am a part of titled Women Who Influence. 

A lot of you know that I, by no means, ever considered writing as a way for me to express and communicate what is in my heart and soul.  Writing didn’t come easy to me as a kid.  Doing papers in school were not my favorite.  I had a hard time putting words to what I was feeling.  However, if you gave me a research paper to do then I was all for it!  I loved and still do love research type of papers.

1st edition of book
It was not until 2014, when my angel prayer was published in the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers, did I realize I might have something to share in the world.  I felt a stirring in my heart to explore writing; writing as a way to express and share my love with the world.

2nd edition book signing
The second edition of the angel book came out in 2016.  I had the opportunity to be part of the book signing for the book in Phoenix, AZ in May 2017.  I met the publisher as well as the other wonderful co-authors in the book. 

I was beginning to feel that the Universe wanted me to write.  Everyone has a story to tell but I had to ask…what was mine?  What did I have to share with the world that could help make a difference?  So many experiences up until this point…what needed to be told and shared? 

I asked the Universe ‘if I am meant to write and share a message to the world then show me how and what that message is.  I am open to the guidance.’ 

So…now we come to how Women Who Influence came about…

with Kate
A bit of a back story of how I met the wonderful publisher, Kate Butler.  In the summer of 2016, Kate had attended one of my events where I was playing the crystal singing bowls.  She had come up to me afterwards and asked if I would be interested in playing for her retreat.  I said YES!  She took my card and we moved on. 

In January 2017, I was playing the crystal singing bowls at an event and guess who was there?  Yes…Kate!  We glanced at each other thinking we knew each other but couldn’t place each other where we had met…you know that sort of thing.  During the lunch break we got talking to figure out where we had met.  We remembered it was at the workshop in the summer of 2016!  She then goes on to say she had misplaced my information and her retreat was coming up at the end of the month – would I be able to play at her retreat?  Seriously??????  I did have a busy looking month but you know the date she was holding the retreat was the only Saturday in the month I had nothing planned!  LOVE!!!!!!!!
At Kate's Retreat
Following Kate’s retreat, the next time we spent time and energy together was at a retreat I was co-leading in June 2017 at the Himalayan Institute, PA.  During those three days something magical was happening and neither Kate nor I could put our finger on it.  At the end we just knew we were going to be working together soon and in a very different way.

We returned from the retreat on Sunday, June 4th.  Monday, June 5th, Kate and I touched base and by the end of the conversation the seed was planted…Women Who Influence co-author!

The Universe wasted NO time here to answer my question!  I still had NO idea what I would write about!  I am also thinking (the mind at work here) am I a woman who influences?  Me?  So much going through my head but my head was NOT in charge – this I knew.  Even though my mind was telling me all sorts of things, my heart and soul were JUMPING FOR JOY! 
I took a VERY deep breath and committed to the book project. That commitment was made on the New Moon, June 23.  Most of you know my passion for the moon – how I flow through life and my work with the phases of the moon. 
Captured by my brother-in-law 2 weeks after I committed to the book project on our family vacation in Outer Banks, NC

A month later – in July 2017 - there was another opportunity to write.  This time the book collaboration was about meditations.  I am a sound healer and offering meditation is part of my mission.  So, of course, this book was in complete alignment with my soul.  I was spending a week in my favorite city, NYC, and the meditations poured out of me while I was sitting in Central Park.  I couldn’t believe it.  The words appeared magically into my journal.  There are two meditations published in the book 111 Morning Meditations.   
Central Park, NYC

The message provided by Divine Intelligence is clear…WRITE!!!!!!!!  But now the question still remained…what do I write about?

Stay tuned to my next blog post as to how my chapter topic and title unfold…

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sedona Adventures for the Upcoming Yoga Retreat!

Majestic Mystical Magical

There was magic and blessings from the very beginning of this trip.  The intention for this trip to Sedona was to plan a retreat focusing on integrating the divine masculine and divine feminine in our hearts; the union of both within us to be whole and complete.
Once I arrived at the airport, I breezed through security which never happens.  Apparently, I was on an express security line where we weren’t even required to take our shoes off!  OK – now that never happens either!  At the gate, while I was waiting for my soul sister, Victoria, I updated information on the Sacred Moon Fertility Facebook Page.  There was overwhelming momentum on Facebook about the fertility and crystal singing bowls work.  Then, Victoria arrived.

Traveling together on a plane was new for us – we were really excited about it.  New adventure – new journey forward – taking our purpose and work to new heights to serve humanity.  Magic was upon us as she arrived – there was a black cat at the gate that was traveling with us on the plane and if you know Victoria, black cats are her thing and definitely a symbol for magic!  We saw the weather and saw rain forecast in Sedona which is a symbol of the divine feminine. The air crew made an announcement and referred to the pilot as a ‘she’ – yeah!  Victoria and I took one look at each other and said ‘Go, Divine Feminine!’  Everyone on the plane was relying on this beautiful strong divine feminine to get them to their destination safely and gracefully.  We both were all about that!  : )
Upon arrival to Phoenix, we went to get our rental car.  We decided to upgrade for $13/day – hello…we had to…13 is a number with magical significance. 


When we arrived in Sedona, we decided to tap into the wisdom of the oracle deck cards Victoria brought with her and I pulled the card, ABUNDANCE (Harvest*Grateful*Overflowing).  The message of the card is to count your blessing; goodness prevails; you are full and have all you need.  Isn’t that the truth!  If you know me, Sedona is my happy place.  All I need to feel nourished and full is to be in Sedona.  I’m always grateful for the opportunity to come back to feel complete and refreshed and renewed.   We decided to begin our journey with a Sedona sunset on top of Airport Mesa.  A Sedona sunset is one of my favorite things to see and experience.

The next morning, before heading out to see what Sedona had in store for us, I pulled the following card:  Serenity (Acceptance*Peace*Trust).  The message of the card is to make peace with your situation; allow tweaks & adjustments to better your pathway.  We headed out to Bell Rock in the morning for a hike.  Bell Rock is considered to have Divine Masculine energy.  Of course we would end up here first considering we had so many Divine Feminine symbolisms yesterday.  We need balance.  I have visited Bell Rock twice before and each time I have had a different experience.  Well…this time too was different.  Victoria and I climbed and veered off to the left of the rock. I enjoy hiking and climbing but not when the trail is very high and wobbly.  I am not afraid of heights but what I realized when I hiked beyond my normal limits is that I didn’t trust my legs and feet to climb safely.  Each time I arrive in Sedona to hike, I always stretch myself to another comfort level.  But, it wasn’t until this time did I realize that my distrust in my physical body specifically my legs was the cause of my limitation.  Somewhere along the way in my life, I started to distrust my legs to support me.  I sat on Bell Rock with Victoria and I realized that my legs had failed me before – either by tripping or falling which I normally don’t do.  I realized those times that I did fall or trip were pretty significant falls that I still have kept with me so when I do hike on anything that is not flat I am weary and very cautious.  So, as the card message above stated, I am finding myself on Bell Rock making peace with not trusting my legs – my physical body – my temple.

After a healing hike on Bell Rock, we headed to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  We spent some time there praying for our loved ones and giving gratitude for our journey individually and being together.
The other part to my card pulled earlier was to allow tweaks and adjustments to better your pathway.  We decided to conclude our magical day with a Shaman.  We hiked to a creek – yes, another hike but this time with a new appreciation for my legs who are my loyal companions.  We did a water blessing to the Great Mother.  The Shaman played sacred instruments -the drum and flute- and he sang sacred songs as we lay at the creek for healing.  During this time of sacred sounds, I saw images of the bear, wolf and coyote.  The Great Mother gifted me a green sparkly crystal and a flute!  I guess I’m supposed to start playing the flute.  LOL We climbed into a cave and meditated in there. I went out of my comfort zone and stood a little outside the cave for a picture. It was a conscious connection to being friends with my legs to support me.  Victoria was proud of me!

The place is called Wind Cave.  The cave is a symbolic representation of the divine feminine womb.  We were also supported by the element Air (Wind Cave) which represents transformation.  Yes…there was change in the air for us.
The following day before we headed out to experience more magic, I pulled the following cards:  Faith (Ancestors*Memory*Eternal), Enchanted (Fragrant*Mystery*Believe) and Prosperity (Abundance*Attract*Spell).  YES! YES! AND YES!  The morning we experienced was beyond words…we attended Sunday service at Unity of Sedona.  What a wonderful and inspiring place.
The spiritual leader and grounds of Unity of Sedona were absolutely undeniably soulful.  I knew I was in the right place when I saw a GONG in the front of the room and a portrait of my guide, Archangel Gabriel.  We spent the morning listening to an empowering and healing message.  Then we went along the grounds and walked the labyrinth. 
What a wonderful way to start the day.  We were energized, inspired for action and re-connected to our purpose. 
More magic continued to follow…before we headed out the following day, I pulled the cards:  Divinity (Wise*Inhale*Delight), Earth (North*Powerful*Spell), and Hope (Brave*Courage*Faith).  These cards have been spot on this entire trip so there was no reason for me to think these cards would not uphold their promise!  We explored Angel Valley!!!!!!!!!!!  Do I need to say more?  : )
When you are driving to the entrance of a place and see a Rainbow Bridge to welcome you, you KNOW you are in for some serious MAGICAL EXPERIENCES!  There were two labyrinths, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus surrounded by  a rose quartz altar, a healing Heart Light, an Angel Grid, Meditation Room, an Archangel Raphael Room, Angel Vortexes, Chakra vortexes, and much more…surreal…
Victoria and I spent the entire day at Angel Valley meditating, journaling and exploring the space.  We were inspired and creative juices were overflowing as we were planning for our future retreat.  We tuned into the angelic energies and asked for guidance as to how best serve our retreat group.  We were gifted with healing meditations and empowering activities.  

One more full day left in Majestic, Mystical, Magical Sedona.  Victoria and I both knew we were far from experiencing the best yet…we can feel it in the air…in our experiences…in our guidance…how Spirit led us to one place or person after the other from the very minute we stepped into Sedona. 

Before we headed out to our Jeep Tour, I pulled the following cards:  Relax Waning Moon (Release*Protection*Banish), Nature Air Element (East*Strength*Spell), Luminous Full Moon Blessing (Charge*Envision*Spell), Radiant (Glow*Optimism*Light).  Really?  I have to smile after I pull these cards, grab my bag and head to the front desk to be picked up by a wonderful Shaman named Buffalo. 

Buffalo, a true Shaman, shared ancient wisdom and stories with us as he took us to Boynton Canyon (a vortex) where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine come together.  We continued to Mystic Vortex (a 360 view of Sedona) where the Divine Masculine (Father Sky) and the Divine Masculine (Mother Earth) meet.  He also took us to Buddha Beach in Cathedral Rock (a vortex) where he shared a native story about Cathedral Rock’s pillar formations.  Buffalo concluded the tour with a sacred Medicine Wheel ritual.  He also gifted us with sacred ancient Sun chants.  Buffalo created the sacredness of Sedona in this 3-hour bundle custom tour Victoria and I asked for.  It was perfect…nothing was missing…well…maybe more time but you can never have more time in Sedona according to me as most of you know!  Our retreat planning was unfolding perfectly as we were concluding our time in Sedona. 

We decided to celebrate our trip’s magic by balancing out the energy of giving by receiving… taking care of us – solely for us.  We attended a Therapeutic Yoga with Yoga Nidra class…aaahhhhh…exactly what we needed!  Then we headed out to dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant in Sedona, Mariposa!  Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish.  Of course!  We wouldn’t have it any other way…to end the trip with embracing the beauty that comes with change or transformation. 
Sedona is a sacred destination.  I have found that to experience what Sedona offers, I have to be willing to let go of structured plans and ideas.  To experience Sedona, I need to be willing to be quiet and be still so I am able to listen to Sedona’s guidance and direction.  I have been there 4 times since August 2016 and each trip was different but not less magical.  Sedona knew what I needed and when I needed it. 
I like an itinerary when I travel but Sedona has taught me that its itinerary is FAR MORE SOUL NURTURING than mine.  Sedona has taught me how to listen to its energy so I can follow the path carved to experience MAGIC AND BLISS! 
Sedona offers magic, healing, peace, and purpose but we must be willing to be open to listen to Spirit’s guidance and direction.  That is exactly what Victoria and I did and now have an itinerary gifted and blessed to us by Sedona for our upcoming yoga retreat in April 2018!
The details are below.  Hope you can join us. 
~ Namaste
Hungry Hearts Sedona Yoga Retreat
with Victoria Purcell-Goodwin & Shalini Breault
April 22 – 27, 2018!
Integrating the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine principals inside of the chambers of our hearts.  Let Shalini & Victoria guide you through exploring the vortex energies of majestic Sedona known for its healing, mystical powers. During these enchanting five days, you will find the key to unlock the sacred chambers of your heart.
Discover true balance, self-love and alchemy.
During these enchanting five days, you will find the key to unlock the sacred chambers of your heart.
Discover true balance, self-love and alchemy.
Five night’s accommodations in the Sedona Rouge a modern, luxurious Mediterranean style Hotel & Spa
Daily breakfast, three lunches and a Welcome dinner at the well-known, award winning gourmet REDS restaurant which offers delicious cuisine
Daily yoga with expert guidance and focused intention for deepening the relationship with yourself and unlocking the deeper chambers to true balance, self-love & alchemy
Jeep Tour including Native American ancient practices honoring the wisdom of the earth.
An evening with a Toltec Shaman offering teachings, drumming, songs & ceremony.
Star gazing meditation at the stunning roof top terrace
Trolley tour to the Holy Chapel, Airport Vortex & Boynton Canyon Vortex
Powerful guided-day trip to Angel Valley which is an angel playground and a transformational sacred sight with labyrinths, chakra centers, vortexes, and much more!
An enlightening discussion and breathing practice integrating the magical balance of the Shiva/Shakti (Masculine/Feminine) energy
Ground transportation included with all tours
Ceremonial practices with sound healing
Price:  All of this for the amazing value of $2699 including airfare & transfers or $2099 without!
$500 deposit will hold your heart space.






Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Angels Flew Me to Phoenix

Hello from South Jersey, Angel Friends! 
I’m a co-author in the best-selling book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers. 

I never thought I was good at writing let alone thought I would be published.  My passion was dancing as long as I can remember.  
When my prayer, One Consciousness (January 17) was published in the first edition of the book, I felt the Angels presence around me…smiling at me…proud of me for taking a big leap…for stepping out of my comfort zone.  I felt the embrace and guidance of the Angels a lot more ever since especially that of Archangel Gabriel.
Archangel Gabriel has been my driving force…my Angel guide.  I have now come to recognize him in the blue jays that fly by my window to say ‘HI!’
The book has opened up my path tremendously that I honor it by reading a prayer from the book at the end of my crystal singing bowls meditation workshops.  I close the sacred meditation circle with an Angel Prayer chosen intuitively.  Inevitably, the prayer I recite always speaks to someone deeply that they have to come up to me afterwards and ask me about both the prayer and the book. 
I have loved the angelic realm ever since I was a teenager and to be able to share the prayers is a service and a gift I am honored to participate in. 
So now when the second edition announcement came, I was ready for the next pair of wings on my back.  The vision and direction the second edition is promised to have is exciting and in complete alignment as to how I feel about the book.
The book is magical – every prayer and author is healing and inspirational.
When the Book Signing Angel Party was being planned for May 15, 2017, the thought to fly out to Phoenix from Philadelphia never occurred to me.  My calendar since the beginning of the year has been scheduled with crystal singing bowls meditation workshops, Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master trainings, mala making workshops, raindrop therapy sessions, and retreat planning sessions.  How would I be able to go to Phoenix?
Well…the Angels planned it out for me! 
On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, my dear friend who lives in the Phoenix area forwards me an email about the Meetup event for the book signing and pretty much says, “I’m going to attend.  Want to come?  LOL”   She alluded to having an extra bedroom I can stay in.  I told her to go to the party and represent her South Jersey Sister!
Two days later, my second edition books shipment arrives.  My husband saw the books and we got talking about the journey the book has taken from the first edition to the second edition.  I mentioned the Book Signing Angel Party and how many authors were in the Phoenix area.  My husband then very matter-of-factly said I think you should go.  I said, “What!?!”  I was thrown off by the suggestion because I was so busy up until that time with my classes that I didn’t think it was even a possibility.
I looked at my calendar.  May 15 – May 18 were the only days in the month (or year) I had nothing scheduled!  Both my dear friend and husband planted the seed.  I then asked Archangel Gabriel to give me an even clearer sign I am meant to go to Phoenix for the Book Signing Angel Party.  I told him I would like the flight price (which was high at the time I looked) to go down and then one more ‘without a doubt’…’smack in the face’…sign!  Thank you, Archangel Gabriel!
I checked the price every day since and NO clear signs.
On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, however, the price of the flight decreased almost $100 and the computer screen said ‘Only 1 ticket left at this price!’  OK – that was it!  This was the super clear sign I needed.  My husband too agreed.  He said that the last ticket was meant for me.  So, I booked the ticket and that’s how the Angels flew me to Phoenix!
I am so grateful to the Angels for the experience.  I met so many wonderful people and fellow co-authors.  I spent quality time with my dear friend and was able to soak in Phoenix and Sedona LOVE! 
Thank you, Angels, for helping me to fly towards my higher purpose!
It doesn’t end there…well…maybe my Phoenix journey but the ‘loud and clear’ presence of the Angels did not.
The Angels since then have shown up for me throughout the summer especially on my trip to Sedona in July 2017 (Sedona Blog Post to be shared soon).
Throughout the summer, the Angels have been inspiring me to create Fall Events to shower their love, guidance and blessings unto everyone present.  The Angels are here to inspire and heal everyone. 
The events being created are for all of us to come together in community…in support of each other and for each other…the Angels want to be part of this community support and love.  They wish to have their presence known within our hearts through these events. 
The Angel Fall Kick-off Event is AngelFest being held on September 9th at Just Breathe in Cinnaminson, NJ (information below).
On the week of Michaelmas – the Feast of the Archangels – we will start the monthly series PAINTING with the Angels also held at Just Breathe in Cinnaminson, NJ.  You will be guided to paint your very own Angel Collection over four months (September to December).  Your Angel Collection will be complete in time for the holidays (paintings below – more information to follow).

The Angels are waiting for you to experience their love and magic.  Be still for a few moments every day and notice what the Angels have to say to you.  They only LOVE…who doesn’t want to connect to LOVE each day?
Angel Love and Blessings,
Shalini Saxena Breault